ERTIP MEDICAL provides hair transplantation surgical tools which include different sizes and types of FUE punches and latest technology FUE motor devices.They are now available for use in the hair transplantation market to save surgeons time and to improve results.

Magna Medical produces K.E.E.P, an embedding placer developed by Dr. Koray Erdogan as a dynamic response to the post-surgical curving and damaging of grafts resulting from forceps use during graft placement.

Trivellini Tech is dedicated to empowering health professionals to improve patients’ lives through developing innovative technologies.

BelliCapelli Forum, s.r.l. is an organization based in Italy that specializes in web marketing via the BelliCapelli Forum for hair transplantation. With 20,000 people registered in the forum and with 4,500 real reports posted plus 10 million visits, the forum is a important presence in the world of hair transplantation. Additionally over 30 surgeons worldwide participate actively in the community.

Acarinstruments focuses on innovative hair transplantation technologies and devices, to improve the comfort and quality of hair transplantation procedures. The company is the producer of the automated & handheld incision device; Robopen, developed by Dr. Levent Acar.

Anagen Corp: Mohebi inserter and Folliscope system for measuring hair density and caliber.

KLTronics is manufacturer of Staccato, an innovative micro pigmentation device specially developed for SMP procedure. Its unique movement allows faster and consistent results.

Cole Instruments: The world’s first dedicated FUE instrument company delivering the finest surgical tools all made in the USA.

Beauty Medical is a leading company in the field of aesthetic micropigmentation, paramedical micropigmentation and Tricopigmentation.